1. First of All Open your Phone’s Dial Pad and Give a Miss Call on Given Number Below. You can Check

Official Selfie With Aashirvaad Atta Offer Page


2. This number should be registered on Whatsapp.

3. You will get a Notification within a Minuit after Giving a Miss Call on Above Number.

4. Send Your Selfie with an Aashirvaad Atta Pack to Them.

5. Selfie shared by you is valid and will be accepted. soon by them.

6. Please complete the slogan ” I love Aashirvaad Atta because…” and Complete this slogan and reply back on whatsapp.

7. You will get your Confirmation with your Entry Number and Now Wait For Each Hour.

8. Win 12 Months of Aashirvaad Atta Supply after winning this contest every Hour.


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